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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hats, heads and patterns

I suppose it it good that my hat recipients like their hats so much that I don't have pictures of them... Or are the 2 totally unrelated?
At any rate, my SIL, brother, and supervisor all wear their hats nearly daily (a feat in this freakishly un-winter weather).
SIL and brother have my own designs - patterns to come someday. Supervisor has my 1st fake isle ( hat. And then... I made a negative one. I had justenough! yarn to finish it and fell in love with it so I kept it :) Obviously we don't wear them at the same time, in fact I haven't even told her that I have it. As soon as my camera stops misbehaving, I'll post pictures.
I'd sworn off hats for a while as I HATE DPNs. Then I discovered magic loop and the fact that I can knit a hat in just a few hours and I'm back on the hat-wagon.
I may have mentioned before, but I'm in the process of writing a winter accessory book - any contributions would be fantastic and of course you'd get full recognition and rights to your pattern. So far, I have 3 hat patterns, 1 mitten pattern, 1 scarf pattern, and 1 felted bag pattern.
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