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Monday, January 01, 2007

Sneaking In a Crocheted Beanie

Hi, everyone, I'm Birdsong and recently joined the KAL, after making several knitted hats in 2006, mainly for myself, one son, or a charity. I have the yarn set aside to knit myself a headband a la Calorimetry to wear snowboarding and hiking (I live in the Sierra Nevada foothills, where exercising in winter involves preparing for the cold first), and also a knitted beret before spring.

This is the first crocheted hat I have made in over a decade... talked into it by eldest son who says that crochet beanies are all the rage amongst snowboarders, and claims they are warmer (and this from the son who has gotten the most knitted hats from me from anyone except charities!). The yarn is Kathmandu Aran and is lovely and soft to work with... there is a thread hanging from the back just in case it doesn't fit him as well as it does me. The pattern is my usual even increase one that I have been using for crocheted hats since about 1974...double crochet until large enough, then a band of a few rows of single crochet for snugness, much like ribbing works in knitting.


Blogger Jane said...

It's beautiful, Birdsong! I'm knitting the same old patterns - usually a windowpane hat combined with a crocheted scarf, but I'm getting a lot of them done. Now to get photos given everything else that's going on..

11:04 AM  

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