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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Little Housekeeping

Hi, I'm Plain Jane, the other new KAL Mom - I'm the one who loves the HTML part of a blog. I've been doing a little housekeeping over on the sidebar because when I clicked on the pattern links, I found a number of them were dead. If anyone can find the following patterns and provide a "live" URL, please put them in the comments section of this post and I'll add them back in.

Southern Cross's Family Watch Cap
Southern Cross's Sweet 16 Felted Hat
Southern Cross's Sweet 16 Revisited
Southern Cross's Family Rolled Brim Hat
Southern Cross's Knut Hat
Southern Cross's Sidewinder Hat
Southern Cross's Tea Cosy Hat
Free Chullo Hat Pattern
Laura's Upside Down Stocking Hat

I've grouped the sites that have multiple patterns and those links should send you to an index like the one for Knitty.Com that includes 25 patterns at the moment. The link to Knitting Patterns Central will blow you away with the sheer number of links to a wide variety of hats. Sites with just one or two hat patterns (and no index) are listed separately. Some of these are pretty neat. I especially like the Cupcake Hat.

I knit hats for charity - a *lot* of hats. In the last two months, our K4 (Krazy Kool Knitters & Krocheters) group at the local senior center sent 50 matched hat & scarf sets to a shelter for homeless veterans in Detroit. Over 40 sets for adult & children went to the local charity FISH where they were distributed in time for the holidays. I think my hat tally for the year is 132 {g}. Suffice it to say that knitting is something that I really really enjoy. I'll be scouting out more hat patterns to add to sidebar and hope they inspire everyone to pull out yarn & needles to try a new pattern or two.


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