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Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Swirlie!

My ice cream swirl cap in leftover yarns from Peace Fleece and Elann Pervuvian Highland wool.

This hat is really cute, and the pattern is from Caps for Kids, but I doubt that I will ever make another, simply because it is a parallelogram with color changes that either result in lots of twisting to carry the colors up the side or lots of ends... in my case, I used the side with the ends for the top, and incorporated them into the pompom.

In case your family and friends are sick of you trying to pawn hats off on them, or simply because you want to help out, go on over to Mini's and check out her charity project making fun fur hats for young people ages 10-16 at the Boston Children's Hospital chemo unit. These kids are taking losing their hair well by donning fuzzy, fake-hair hats. I dove through my stash and came up with some unused Fun Fur in pale orange and hot pink, and also picked up some bright red Fizz on sale at my LYS to help with this great project.


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