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Monday, February 05, 2007

Apology & A Suggestion to Participants!

Hi, everyone. I owe Kristin S (Wovengold) an apology. I should have caught this sooner, and you're on the sidebar now, and have a hat trick.

(Remember everyone - 3 knitted (crocheted) hats to earn a hat trick.)

Jane (co-owner of this KAL) is spending much time away from the computer (but much time with her needles) as she cares for her Mom who is not well.

And I'm in the process of a huge move...boxes, boxes, everywhere...

So. My suggestion is this - email me. I'm in the sidebar there - but for the record it's siameezercat AT gmail DOT com. If you need a hat trick, let me know. If you want to join up, let me know! I'll try hard not to miss the notes here, but even tho the updates show up on my bloglines, I'm so far behind on bloglines, it's not funny! Better to email me right now, okay?

Oh - and keep up the good work - what gorgeous hats you all are churning out!


Blogger wovengold said...

No apologies necessary! Thanks for taking care of me.

Actually, I should apologize for not trying again after the first email bounced...

Obviously I'm enjoying myself. The Hat Trick is just a little extra.

4:34 PM  

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