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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another tea cozy?

Finished this cute little beanie for Afghans for Afghans yesterday. I seem to be into this tea cozy phase at the moment.

I loved knitting this, because I used some Harrisville 2-ply wool from a 20+ year-old cone left over from when I used to weave. I always loved this color, Garnet. I know most knitters like using softer stuff, but I love the lanolin in this yarn, and besides, it turns soft and cuddly in the wash.

And now I'm ready to start the hats for the children's circus project (see my previous post).

Luckily, the Peace Fleece yarns arrived last week. Bright! And mostly not colors I would normally use, so it will be a nice change. Here they are: Baghdad Blue (the darker one), Galooboy Blue, Khruschev Corn yellow, Shaba Green, and Ukranian Red. (If you've never explored the Peace Fleece site, it's a real pleasure, especially reading the story behind some of the names.)

Peace Fleece worsted is yummy to me because it smells and feels so sheepy. And there's sometimes a bit of hay stuck in, easy to remove, but just enough to remind you where the stuff comes from. I like the traditional feel of it, and it's good, warm stuff heading to a cold place.

P.S. Dear Hostesses... May I have a hat trick? And my name posted in the list? Thank you!


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