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Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Hatter

Just finished a hat for DH -- had to try out the SWS soy-wool yarn, and he was the guineapig. Now I'm searching for just the right pattern for a hat for ME using hand-dyed yarn to match the beautiful scarf I got in ISE3. And lo and behold! I found the Hatalong!

I was worried that it might be closed and over, but Knitnana said otherwise and let me in.


One of my New Years goals is to make a few more things for Afghans for Afghans, mostly hats and socks. I've already found lots of inspiration looking thru the archives here.

Hope you're all enjoying the post-gift-giving lull and looking forward to a happier and more peaceful New Year.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Just in the Nick of Time!

The two Moscow Magic Pink Peace Fleece Coronet versions were done in October, but because there were only two, I couldn't "count" least not until...

Now. I just last night completed the second of these two Seaman's Caps for the DGS's - DGS1 get the navy one, and DGS2 gets the camel colored one. They should have been Christmas presents, but now will arrive in between the two boys' birthdays!

Almost the end of 2006 - and I FINALLY met my goal of at least ONE hat by my name in the sidebar! :)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Little Housekeeping

Hi, I'm Plain Jane, the other new KAL Mom - I'm the one who loves the HTML part of a blog. I've been doing a little housekeeping over on the sidebar because when I clicked on the pattern links, I found a number of them were dead. If anyone can find the following patterns and provide a "live" URL, please put them in the comments section of this post and I'll add them back in.

Southern Cross's Family Watch Cap
Southern Cross's Sweet 16 Felted Hat
Southern Cross's Sweet 16 Revisited
Southern Cross's Family Rolled Brim Hat
Southern Cross's Knut Hat
Southern Cross's Sidewinder Hat
Southern Cross's Tea Cosy Hat
Free Chullo Hat Pattern
Laura's Upside Down Stocking Hat

I've grouped the sites that have multiple patterns and those links should send you to an index like the one for Knitty.Com that includes 25 patterns at the moment. The link to Knitting Patterns Central will blow you away with the sheer number of links to a wide variety of hats. Sites with just one or two hat patterns (and no index) are listed separately. Some of these are pretty neat. I especially like the Cupcake Hat.

I knit hats for charity - a *lot* of hats. In the last two months, our K4 (Krazy Kool Knitters & Krocheters) group at the local senior center sent 50 matched hat & scarf sets to a shelter for homeless veterans in Detroit. Over 40 sets for adult & children went to the local charity FISH where they were distributed in time for the holidays. I think my hat tally for the year is 132 {g}. Suffice it to say that knitting is something that I really really enjoy. I'll be scouting out more hat patterns to add to sidebar and hope they inspire everyone to pull out yarn & needles to try a new pattern or two.

Almost A New Year...New KAL Moms!

Just wanted to quickly update you that Adelle has had to resign for personal reasons, and asked me to step in...of course, I had to bring along my pal, Jane as she's a lot better at the behind the scenes stuff on blogs than I am...not to mention an amazing producer of hats! *wink*

We'd like your input on what you'd like to see for this blog/KAL...Contests? Awards? Charity drives?

Just input your comments to this post and we'll see what we can do. And if you have made hats...please add your photos to the blog posts? Just please choose the option for "small" photos on blogger when you do, please? If you'd prefer to link us to your blog and it's photos, that's fine, too!

And let us know when you get 3 made (or have already done so, but the "hats" in the sidebar don't match up to what you've done!).

Thanks ever so much!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

3 Hats for Xmas

Hi, anyone out there (out there, out there, out there.....)
I'd hate to be the only one posting on this blog...but maybe if I do it will inspire someone else to do the same? Or something.

More hats:

"Family" hats for my brother and his two little ones.
(SIL doesn't wear hats, I'm thinking of making her a Panta to compensate :).)
The pattern is a mish-mash of many, but basically a lightly ribbed brim and then plain knitting with a very slow decrease after about 3". The wee ones I cast on about 120 stitches, the really big one, 132. It's US 3 needles, Falk yarn from Dalegarn.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

After a long wait...

So i isgned up for the blog MONTHS ago when all I was knitting was hats, and what happend? I signed up and stoped making them. So this hat was a long time coming. Not to mention my first fair Isle style anything!


It was made from a spare ball of Noro and WOTA from knit picks that I found in the bottom of my stash basket...

I think I might ahve to make another one...

Friday, December 01, 2006

A Hat for an Other

Hello! Long time no hat...but here is my first for the "season." I'm donating it to a couple who volunteer their time in Skid Row in Los Angeles. (Yes, the scarf is also part of my donation, but it's not a hat).
Knit on US 10.5s out of Jo-Ann Sensations "Angel Hair" color 242.
I used this pattern. I highly recommend it for an easy/quick hat pattern.