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Monday, February 04, 2008

Catching Up

So it wasn't until I commented on the previous post that Sarah was not alone on this blog it was just that I hadn't knitted a hat in a while...that I realized I was fibbing...I've knit two and never got around to posting is all...

Here's Andy's New Hat:
Yes, that would be sock yarn on size #2 needles...I tend to go small with skul caps...
I used Ken's version of a roll-brim "half-dome" (on Knitty I think...)

And then, there is Andy's New Snowboarding Hat:
He has actually used it every time he's gone snowboarding this for $9.00, I'm happy it is useful...I used Vanna's Choice yarns from JoAnn when they were on super sale for less than $3.00 a ball. I did have to buy the US 11 bamboo needles I used (yarn was held double) I guess it's a little more than $9.00. It's my version of the Jayne (Cobb) Hat made so popular by "Firefly."

And that would be it...if I'm fibbing again it's only due to short-term-knitting memory loss...


Blogger Spinning Ninny said...

I love the snowboarding hat. Such a great pic!

12:48 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

I'm in the middle of Firefly after a friend made the hat and recommended it. I love your hat.

10:17 AM  

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