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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hat Trick Number 2

Here are four more finished hats:

Green Hat number 2

Black Hat

Nephew's Hat

This was supposed to be the basic cable hat for my friend, but it ended up way too small. This is how it looks on an adult. Yarmulke anyone?

The Girl's Hat

Sorry for the cropped off photo on this one - blame it on The Man.

More details on these can be found on my blog.

Now, a question: The Man wants a felted hat. He wants it to look like a normal hat (ribbed bottom), so no roll up brim. To save my life I can't find one that I think will work. I've searched the free patterns and googled my little heart out. I'm down to two choices:
1. Use the same basic pattern that I've been using for all the other hats, but with a larger needle size.
2. Use the same needle size but cast on more stitches (use the Handy Book of Patterns).

The kicker is that I don't want to use bulky yarn or double my yarn, as I only have one ball of each color (he wants stripes), and I don't want to buy any more DPNs. I have 7, 8 and 10 1/2.

I'd welcome any advice y'all can give. I really want to get this done and crossed off the gift list. Thanks so much!


Blogger msubulldog said...

Whew, you've been busy! :) They all look great. Do you know how much the yarn you've got will shrink when felted? (i.e. have you ever felted with it before?) That's the only way I know to figure out your own pattern and have it come out the right size after felting! Good luck.

5:55 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Wow! Hat woman! Those look great! Never having felted before, I can't help you on your dilemma. Good luck and be sure to tell us all about it!

4:26 AM  

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