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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Circus Hats

I did it! Finished these four hats for the Afghans for Afghans special project to provide 400 hats for the circus kids. Got them in the mail this afternoon.

Due date (to reach San Francisco) is February 28, so if you've got a day or so to whip out a quick hat, they're requesting wool or natural fiber hats in these four solid colors... Red, blue, yellow, green. They'll be hand-carried to the kids at the circus school.

These were done in Peace Fleece, and the green one was particularly fun to make. I would not normally knit anything yellow, so the basket stitch one was was a nice change, too.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

shame, shame

I've been hatting, I really have. I have 3 hats to show for it. Except I can't show 'em cuz I haven't got the pix :( 1 was a gift and has been given, 2 is always on hubby's head and 3 gives me terrible hat hair, but is totally adorable!
Just had to poke my head in and say hello.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's been awhile.....

I just finished my first hat in awhile. This makes number 3 for the blog (will I get a hat trick even if the last two were made nearly a year ago??). This hat is called "Nessa" from Hip Knit Hats by Cathy Carron. I used Plymouth Yarn's Handpaint Wool.

We're On New Blogger!

Whee! Thanks to Jane who had to take a few extra minutes away from caring for her mother to switch the blogs she controls over. I hope this won't cause anyone any trouble, and if it does, please bear with me.

Jane is caregiving. I'm trying hard to move into a new home.

We're trying to keep as current as possible on this blog and other KALs we're involved with...

Thank you, in advance, for your patience!

The **NEW** Version of Blogger

I just switched this blog over to the new version of Blogger. Keep your fingers crossed!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kelly D Has A Hat Trick

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And Blogger is being a bear so she can't post...Congrats, Kelly D!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Apology & A Suggestion to Participants!

Hi, everyone. I owe Kristin S (Wovengold) an apology. I should have caught this sooner, and you're on the sidebar now, and have a hat trick.

(Remember everyone - 3 knitted (crocheted) hats to earn a hat trick.)

Jane (co-owner of this KAL) is spending much time away from the computer (but much time with her needles) as she cares for her Mom who is not well.

And I'm in the process of a huge move...boxes, boxes, everywhere...

So. My suggestion is this - email me. I'm in the sidebar there - but for the record it's siameezercat AT gmail DOT com. If you need a hat trick, let me know. If you want to join up, let me know! I'll try hard not to miss the notes here, but even tho the updates show up on my bloglines, I'm so far behind on bloglines, it's not funny! Better to email me right now, okay?

Oh - and keep up the good work - what gorgeous hats you all are churning out!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another tea cozy?

Finished this cute little beanie for Afghans for Afghans yesterday. I seem to be into this tea cozy phase at the moment.

I loved knitting this, because I used some Harrisville 2-ply wool from a 20+ year-old cone left over from when I used to weave. I always loved this color, Garnet. I know most knitters like using softer stuff, but I love the lanolin in this yarn, and besides, it turns soft and cuddly in the wash.

And now I'm ready to start the hats for the children's circus project (see my previous post).

Luckily, the Peace Fleece yarns arrived last week. Bright! And mostly not colors I would normally use, so it will be a nice change. Here they are: Baghdad Blue (the darker one), Galooboy Blue, Khruschev Corn yellow, Shaba Green, and Ukranian Red. (If you've never explored the Peace Fleece site, it's a real pleasure, especially reading the story behind some of the names.)

Peace Fleece worsted is yummy to me because it smells and feels so sheepy. And there's sometimes a bit of hay stuck in, easy to remove, but just enough to remind you where the stuff comes from. I like the traditional feel of it, and it's good, warm stuff heading to a cold place.

P.S. Dear Hostesses... May I have a hat trick? And my name posted in the list? Thank you!