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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hat #4

I finished another hat just before New Year's. It was made from one of the JoAnns Sensations yarns - I think it's called Fever. at any rate, it comes in skein form and has beads interspersed throughout. Colors are fushia at the bottom and black at the top (with a Fibonacci-esque 1-1-2-3 stripe sequence where they join). I had started using a pattern from a recent Cast On magazine, but ended up finishing it based on the Knitters Handy Book of Patterns hat pattern (cuz Cast On got packed while moving into our house). I had started making it for me, but by the time I was close to finishing it, realized it was way too big. (lack of gauge swatch is to blame). Turns out that my mom loves it, and fits just the way she likes (cuz, as she says, she doesn't wear hats the way most people do).

Unfortunately, there's no photo at this time, since the computer still hasn't been set up and we have no internet at home and the pic I took is still in the camera.

in other hat news:
my Tychus hat is making progress - I'm somewhere in the 3rd wedge, so about half-way finished. I also started a hat for my sister just before new year's and am 2/3s finished with it - will probably get it finished on the busride home tonight or tomorrow.


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