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Thursday, December 22, 2005

My First Hat Trick!

Finally!! It was a little slow-going for me with my hat-knitting since I had a few other projects I was working on (plus work and school!) but I've finally finished my first hat trick! Yahoo! (And, frankly, how sad is it that getting one of those little hats by my name over there was a primary motivation for knitting furiously? :)

Anyway, here's a shot of the two I just finished:

The top hat is just a basic k2p2 ribbed hat for my little brother (he's 12); the bottom hat is Knitty's Coronet. For both hats I used Lamb's Pride worsted in Pine Shadows (M-170) on size 9s. Here's a detail of the Coronet band:

Sorry the picture's not great. I ended up blocking the whole hat after I completed it, but I'm wishing I had only blocked the band before I picked up the stitches for the rest of the hat. My instincts told me to do just that and I ignored them. Oh well, live and learn, right?

Anyway, I've got three more hats to complete before Xmas - not sure if I'm going to make it! EEK!

(Also, as an aside, I tried following the super-cool Star Hat pattern that BeadLizard posted and I couldn't get it to work - has anyone else tried it? I keep getting tripped up on the 3rd decrease row - there's an extra two knit stitches and I'm not positive what to do with them...)


Blogger Sophie_vf said...

I love Coronet! It's just the right combination of "pay attention" and "relax". The colours you chose for yours are great!

9:40 AM  

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