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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

ode to karabella bulky

o aurora, so soft and bulky;
why have we not met before?
your soft merino cables to keep dh warm;
more hats he will want for sure.

not sure if it's a proper ode, but this karabella aurora bulky is so becoming my new fave for hats. not so much bang for the buck, but it knits up super soft and yummy you just have to
give it a try.
just a note: although this is a great shot of the pattern, it seems little-miss-crawls-a-lot was a bit too close to the flash and the color has not been done justice. it is a deeper charcoal grey - there's a better pic on
my blog, it's an action shot of its hasty removal - how DO you keep a hat on a baby?


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