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Friday, March 16, 2007

Finally Able to Post Pictures of my Finished Hats!

Okay...I'm trying agian....Here are the three hats that I have made so far this year.

The first one here is the one that I just finished making. I made it for my son's St. Patty's Day Hat Contest.
This next one I actually made by combining several patterns to get the one that I wanted. Again, I made it for my son.
Then last but not least...this is the first hat that I ever did.


Blogger Tryin_ta_knit said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the St Pat's Hat
hope Sam loves it too
i gotta get a cupla hats done
i know what i want
just need to get them knit

6:03 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Thanks Cathy! Yes, he did love it but unfortunately he didn't win the contest. Oh well...maybe some other time.

I'm going to start another hat soon but I just haven't figured out which one I want to do. Guess it's time to either hit the pattern books or my yarn to see if I can be inspired. :)

7:27 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

Hi, Kim.. That St. Patrick's Day hat is awesome! I just gave you a "Hat Trick" by your name on the sidebar.

4:06 PM  
Blogger KnitNana said...

What terrific hats! Congrats on your first hat trick!

7:36 PM  
Blogger wovengold said...

What great hats! The St. Pat's one is fun, but I really really like the blue one. Welcome!

5:21 AM  

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