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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New to this Blog!

Hi there! I'm Kim and I am excited to be here. I was going to upload some pictures here but Blogger is experiencing troubles in that area so it will have to wait. You are, however, more than welcome to come on over to my blog and have a look around there.

I'm currently knitting a hat for Sam (my son) that he will wear to school on Friday. They will have a hat contest for their St. Pat's Day party. I am making a Bowl of Spaghetti Hat in a bright lime color. It is from DIYs show Knitty Gritty. The hat part is finished. All I have left to make now is the "spaghetti" part of the hat which is just i-cord for roughly 6 feet. Then Sam and I will decorate it with Shamrocks and gold coins. This hat knit up really quickly and will be fun to wear. I can imagine all the different options that you could do with this hat.

This hat will make the third hat that I have made so far this year, or forever, since I just started knitting hats. :)


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