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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Simple Baby Hat

Here's my second Hat-Trick - a quick baby hat. My husband's cousin gave birth to a baby boy, so I'm sending them this:
It's cotton (which I'm not a fan of as I don't like knitting with it - not terribly flexible) and incredibly simple. I used size 7 needles.

CO 30 stitches.
Purl row
Knit row

*Knit row
Purl row
Knit row*

and keep on doing that (*) until you have 30 ridges. Sew the sides together. Sew the top and pull together to make it pucker (I guess you can call this gathering). Flip the brim up to fit child's head.

This is a pattern I got from Marilyn who has been knitting for 75 years. Quick, easy, cute. Fits a standard newborn and allows it to grow with the kiddo.


Blogger msubulldog said...

Congrats on the hat trick--but I can't find you in the sidebar! By some other name, perhaps? Please enlighten me 'cause I really want to give you another hat! :)

10:33 AM  

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