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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Third hat done (ooh, a hat trick!)

I've been rather quiet, but most everyone is getting hats for xmas this year.
Niece 1 - finished end of Oct/beg of Nov. it's the tam/beret in Kid's Knitted Hats - made with LB Wool-Ease
Niece 2 - finished mid-November. the Candy Dots pattern from the same book. also made with LB Wool-Ease
Nephew - a basic hat from the Handy Book of Patterns with single rib edge and a pompom. made in Regia Ringel.
My sister - her hat will be made from orange & black Paton's Divine. pattern not chosen yet
Brother-in-Law - his is in progress. pattern is Tychus - I'm attempting the 4-color version like shown in the last picture there (in almost the same colors.)

mom and dad will probably also be getting hats, though I haven't thought much about them yet. and I'm thinking I'll end up making one for myself as well. and probably some more for one of the LYS that collects donations for warm things.

Here's the pics:

Lilin's Hat  Amelia's Hat  Eli's Hat  BIL's Hat in Progress

Full size and more pics (close-ups, etc) in my gallery


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