Cover Your Head Knitalong

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Opinions On This Hat Pattern?

I found this pattern the other day and wondered if any of you have tried it. I would think it would wonderful as a chemo cap (made of very soft yarn) or as a Christmas gift of the person's favorite type of yarn. Has anyone made it? I would love to hear some feedback on it as I am considering making it.

Lace-Edged Women's Hat

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thanks For The Warm Welcome

Thank you so much for the gracious welcome! I love this blog and and I love the idea of a KAL that is devoted to hats. I love making hats, which makes it a natural, and I am becoming involved with the chemo cap project, and for a last good point, with hats you never suffer from second sock syndrome!! LOL

As you know I have two teenagers at home. One is almost 16 and the other is almost 15. My almost 15 year old is a son with autism - he is fairly profoundly affected, is nonverbal and has a severe seizure disorder along with mild Tourette's and auditory processing disorder. I was, with my late husband (I lost him in 2002) the Autism Guide at and also worked with McGraw Hill Higher Education. I guess you could say writing is my profession and knitting is my passion. So I write about autism, knitting, crocheting, and a handful of other topics.

I currently own a women's blogging network (who is looking for writers incidentally so if you are interested, drop me an email), am working on professional blogging and other book length manuscripts.

I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself after that wonderful welcome. I am getting over a rotten cold! I just have felt miserable so I have been lying about doing the Camille imitation (cough, cough) and feeling sorry for myself. *wink*

I only plan on a couple of changes for the near future.

1. I want to include crocheters as they are hat fanatics too and I think we can learn from each other.
2. I want to include a bond to Caps For A Cure because many of us are very committed to that project. (Thanks Mandy!!)
3. I want to end the hiatus.

So without further ado, let's start doing The Hat Trick (which I know now to be three hats and has something to do with soccer) and get those hats going!!


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Introducing Your New Host!

Hello Hat Knitters!

I am happy to report that my call for a new host for the knitalong has been answered. Adelle of Knitmodo and Crochetmodo will be taking up the reins. She is the mom of two teenagers (a daughter and a son), a professional writer, and the owner of a women's blogging network, Eclectic Windchimes. Adelle has some great ideas for the knitalong and for coordinating charity knitting. So, welcome, Adelle!

I'd also like to say that it was big fun hosting this knitalong and I will be keeping an eye on all the hats that you all are creating!

Happy Hat Knitting!

EDITED TO ADD: Of course, with a new host, the knitalong comes out of hiatus, and new members are most welcome. Contact Adelle to join!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Playing in the sand

Is it cheating that I knit this during the hiatus? I hope not but feel to kill it if it is.

It's the Marloes Sand Hat in Rhumba. It's maroon twisted with blue/pink/red ribbon and a thin black thread. Toasty warm, fits when hair is down but stretches when it is pinned up, and makes an impact. The cables are great to knit and look good. I couldn't bare knitting earflaps though.

Pattern: Marloes Sand Hat (Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 40)
Yarn: Ribbon Twist in Rumba
Ya What: 8sts*11rows, 60m, 100g, 70% wool 25% acrylic 5% polyamide, Lot 11B5

For: Me
Why: Leftovers + new magazine + cables = new hat
Alterations: No earflaps, still not decided on bobbles. I’m not doing two but what do you think about one?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Hello Everyone!

*waving hand furiously* Hi everyone, I'm here!! Looking forward to meeting people and talking about this knitting hat addiction!! :)

Adelle Tilton