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Sunday, November 27, 2005

lots of hat making for christmas

I'm currently working on or have finished four hats in the past few weeks, so I decided it was time to go ahead and join this kal. I recently finished a Hayden hat for myself [pattern at Poor Miss Finch] and need to start one for my six year old. I'm also working on Halley's Comet hat for myself and I just finished an earflap hat for my toddler. I'm also thinking about making a couple of Tychus hats for my father and brother, and I recently bought the Celtic cap pattern from girl from auntie to make for my husband. Oh, and I'm making a wimple for mom, which is sort of like a hat since it converts into a hood. Gah. A lot of this is because I finally taught myself to knit with double points, which has opened up so many things to try.

Um, I just counted and that's at least eight. Gotten a bit obsessed, I think.

Pictures to come when I have time to shrink 'em down to size. Thanks for letting me join!


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