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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

holiday hats

Every year, my husband and I spend Thanksgiving with one of our families and Christmas with the other. About a week and a half before our Thanksgiving trip to the in-laws house, my husband told me that his parents wanted to do Christmas presents with us on the day after Thanksgiving. It sent me into fits. Everyone was supposed to get a hat this year, but I was planning on mailing out his family's hats a week or two into December.

So I went into rush mode. First, I reassigned a few hats that I had planned for other people. Then I finished two within about 5 days. The last one was finished in the car about an hour from their house. In the frenzy of knitting, wrapping, packing, taking the cat to the vet's, stopping our mail for a week, and all the other things you do before leaving home, I didn't get around to taking pictures of all those hats. That was a little upsetting, but at least I got them all done and given away.

I hadn't decided who was getting that green and blue hat that I posted while it was in progress, so I decided that could go to my mother-in-law. It was a bit short, and since they live down in Houston I figured that a hat that only covered her head and the tops of her ears would be just the thing. It's not like it gets really cold there.

My father in law got the hat that I finished up in the car. It was plain stockinette with a short ribbed border, and I made it out of Patons wool in light tan. Since I was trying to navigate and keeping an eye out for Giant Sam Houston, I kind of screwed up the decreases just a bit. But I don't think they're bad enough for anyone other than me to notice.

One of my husband's brothers got the Cascade 220 hat that I'd meant for one of my uncles. I'd made it with one strand of a brown color and one of a varigated brown and black held together. There was about two inches of ribbing to fold up along the edge, and the rest was stockinette. For the other brother, I wanted to do something interesting to keep myself from getting sick of stockinette hats. So he got a cabled hat with a ribbed brim. I made it out of gray Wool-Ease, because this brother is a little younger and I wanted him to have something that wouldn't ruin if he tossed it in the washer.

Along the trip, we also stopped off to visit some friends for a couple of days. I wasn't planning on knitting them anything this year, because they all got scarves last year. But one of my friends was listening to me ramble about a knitting project a few months back and requested a brown hat that would match his work uniform. Normally I don't really do requests, but he mentioned it in the context of "I really like my scarf, but I go in and out so often at work that I don't wear it much because I can't just take it off and stuff it in my pocket." We're close, he complimented my scarf, and I was a bit tipsy at the time. So he got promised a brown hat. That one was Wool Ease as well, again because of the young guy/machine wash thing. We met his girlfriend for the first time on that trip, and she got about a zillion extra points because she would randomly pick it up and say things like "You made this? That is so cool!" So I officially approve of her.

So that's five gift hats made and handed out so far! I feel so accomplished. I'm currently working on a hat for my oldest brother in the colors of our favorite football team, and coming soon is a really cool intarsia hat for my husband's birthday. After finishing those, I will remember to get the photos!


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